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When a friend calls you to tell you about a conference that Danielle Porte & Missy Higgins will be keynote speaking at, you HAVE to go!!! Especially when it’s called the Big Hearted Business (Un)Conference.

Even if you JUST arrived in the country and flew here from South Africa last week.

A “couple” more won’t kill me ;P



And there you have it!!!

In a week I’ll be flying to Melbourne, Australia (for the first time) to attend this one of a kind event and hang out with an amazing friend.

I’m sure we’ll be learning:

  • AWESOME stuff & being mega inspired
  • Meeting new people.
  • Being challenged to take more action

And that my friends is called GUMPTION.

Say “HELL, yes!” when life hands you an opportunity” and let the details sort themselves out!

Now, to book my flight there and find a place to stay.

Looking forward to this sky trip (you kn0w, as opposed to road trip – since we’re flying there and all).

Cheers from Perth,

PS: Do you have a story to share where you said “HELL, yes” to something that you didn’t have all figured out, but you trusted your intuition and yourself to figure it out?

Share your story in the comments below.

PPS: I write this article about the time I drove 1,200 miles across Africa – not sure of myself or the journey.

PPPS: Check out these YouTube playlists I made for each of the keynotes

Also, check out this video & song by the creator of the Big Hearted Business idea, Clare Bowditch.

Can’t WAIT to see, hear from – and who knows… even MEET these ladies.