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One my favorite websites is Zen Pencils by Gavin Than.


Every week-ish Gavin publishes, all the way from Australia, his latest INSPIRING creation on Zen Pencils!

Since my mission is teaching you how to Love Your Life & Live Your Dreams, this weeks cartoon really spoke to me.

Gavin based this drawing series on a Tim Ferris quote about not waiting until “someday” to go after  our dreams.

Click here to see the whole comic strip. 


You know the “someday” excuse right?

We’ve all used “someday” excuses, and that worst part is we believe these excuses we come up with.


  • … when I have more money
  • … when I have more time
  • … when I have finished my degree
  • … when I’ve paid off my debt
  • … when I have {insert your excuses here}

But if you don’t STOP IT, “someday” will kill your dreams and without dreams, life becomes a dull and unhappy place.

So take charge today my friend.

Take just ONE small step or do one thing, just ONE action towards your dream.

The secret after that, is taking a DEEP breather and then doing it again and again.

Taking another step, and another, and then another, and another.

And if you keep doing that, soon you will have built your dream, brick by brick.

And as you look at what you have created and looked back on the journey you have taken to get there, then you will know that dreams are worth the hard work, patience and effort – blood, sweat and tears, that go into them, and you will find yourself feeling the most immense feelings of joy and gratitude – to yourself for taking that VERY FIRST STEP and to all those who cheered you on and supported you along the way!


Take Action

So close you eyes, picture what you want more than anything in this word.

Hold onto that image of your dream.

Take 3 deep breaths.

Now what is ONE, just one, thing you can do TODAY that will come you one step closer to that dream?

Is it that you need to call and set up an appointment with a profession coach, business man, consultant, teacher.

Is it that you need to go to Google and research just ONE topic?

Is it that you need to face your fear of the black page and make the first mark.

What ever your dream is, there is ONE small, even miniscule thing you can do TODAY that can take you in the direction of your drea.

Now, open your eyes and take that step.

Do that one action.

You can do it. I believe in you.

And one way that will help is if you tell someone what you are going to do.

Share your dream.

Tell a friend.

Write it here in the comments.

“Put a ring on it” & commit!




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