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The ONE thing that will change everything for you in 2015!

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains two descriptions: might have, and should have.” – Louis E. Boone


If tomorrow you lost your legs, your hands, your eyesight, or your hearing, what is ONE thing that you will regret NOT doing, or not doing MORE of?

ie. thoughts of “might have, and should have” that Louise describes above.

Go on… what’s the very first thing that popped into your mind?

It’s important! Because knowing what that ONE thing is, can change everything!

For me, it would be that I wish I’d MOVED my body more!

When I think of not being able to walk, or run or jump, or dance, it makes me realize how much I’m taking my body for granted.

And to STOP thinking of moving my body as a chore, or something I *should* be doing because I need to “get fit” or to “lose weight” for example.

Ok, so ready for a Challenge?

Let’s turn the revelation we’ve just had into our focus for 2015.

Not a New Years Resolution, because let’s face it, almost no one keeps those…

What we are going to do here is just create an awareness and some affirmations and thoughts around the focus we want to have ok?

HOW will we do this?


Just follow these 4 quick steps

(By using this Google Doc template I made for you)

Step 1: Define your goal in ONE word by filling in the blank in this sentence:

My focus for 2015 is _______________ (ie My focus for 2015 is MOVEMENT)

Step 2: Write down ONE sentence on WHY this is your goal.


WHY: “Movement is life.” I want to enjoy and appreciate my body more. 

Step 3: Write down 3 habits you can create to support you in your focus for the year.


1. Run 3x a week using C25k app

2. Attend a dance class at least 1x a week

3. Stretch and do yoga/pilates every morning after waking up

Step 4: Write down an affirmation for each habit as if you’ve already created the habit


  1. I love running because my mind becomes clear
  2. I feel free and expressive when I dance
  3. I delight in my morning yoga practice

Ok, now what?

 Once you have written these 4 steps either on the Google Document provided OR on paper, print it out and stick it up where you can see it often and be reminded of your ONE focus for 2015.

Pro Tip: Incorporate these new habits into your workflow and daily process.


If you send me an email jacqueline(at)getgumption(dot)com with your answer to Step 1, I’ll send you a link to a special HABITS creating class that you can take for for free withing the next month.

It will just require you to set aside 2 hours this week, or next week, to implement but will be the best gift and investment for yourself and reward you in ways you cannot fathom right now. 


Here’s to 2015 being the BEST YEAR EVER when you invest in yourself!