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So a few months ago I found this website called New Paradigm Astrology and signed up to get weekly emails from KAYPACHA who does a weekly “weather” report called the Pele Report. And over the past few months I’ve really enjoyed the videos and emails, but a couple weeks ago I was really inspired by the mantra/affirmation that Kaypacha wrote for that day.

When I believe I will see,
The plan that Life has for me,
To let go of pain and have a new start,
With a clear mind and an loving heart.

I felt like I had to memorize that one, so as any respectable songwriter would do…

I decided to make up a little song about it, so I’d remember it.

It’s called A LOVING HEART (you can download & listen to it for free below).

This past week, I loved the mantra as well, and pulled out my guitar as soon as I saw I had an email from Kaypacha.

This was the mantra affirmation:

 Life is a celestial symphony,
Now wanting to be shared.
I’m one of many instruments,

Being polished, tuned, and prepared.

And below you can hear/see what I came up with… Life Is A Symphony



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