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A couple weeks ago, some friends and I got together to make a music video – we went up to Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa early in the morning and filmed for a few hours.

We had such a great time and even had some local paragliders fly over where we were – so we got some shots of that and put it into the video!

Watch & enjoy below. 

My First Music Video – Click to Download.

The “Secret to Life” written & performed by Jacqueline du Plessis.  Filmed & edited by Jéan Bruning of

Dedicated to my fellow Jungian Individuators.

LYRICS: Secret to Life

Uncertainty, Suffering,
Contained in our greatest desires and pains.
Hiding, we try hiding,
from the murky waters.

Years of denying,
denying, dcared to acknowledge the truth.
So guarded,
why so guarded?
Hearts behind a wall.

But in darkness and pain,
these is so much to gain,
when we do this work…
Learning who we are

Beauty is in the flaws,
Embracing our vulnerabilities,
Accepting dualities,
seems to be the secret of life.


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