in Stories of My Life

You know what?

There’s never really a “GOOD TIME” to do anything in life.

We will always have excuses, things like…

“I don’t have time right now, things are too busy.”

OR “I don’t have enough money saved up yet.”

OR a plethora of other thoughts in our head – that we ACTUALLY believe.

And guess what?

We give away all our power when we believe things like that.

We hand over the control of our lives to “fate.”

We stay “busy.”

We let life get in the way.

And that’s just REALLY sad.

But it doesn’t have to be that way….



And that’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago.

Why I didn’t listen to all the voices in my head.

I disappeared into the mountains in South Africa for 2 whole weeks!

I went off-grid.


No money.

No car.

No phone or laptop.

No internet.

And guess what else?

I was SILENT for 10 whole days!

Wait, what?!?

Yes, me Jacqueline du Plessis, nicknamed Jabber-Jaws-Jackie in High School, who can talk off almost anyone’s ear… I pretty much didn’t speak (except to the teacher a couple times) for 10 entire days!

It was HARD!!!

It was FREAKING hard!

But you know what? It was good for me.

I chose to face things, thoughts, feelings and situations that part of me didn’t wanna face.

But there was another part of me that was ready.

Ready to heal, to let go, to rise above, to forgive, to learn, to experience, to become more enlightened, to transform… and that WISE part knew I was in the right place.

And I’m pleased to say that that part of me won the battle inside my mind.


For 10 days, I learned and practiced an ancient meditation technique that was actually taught by Buddha long, long time ago, and it was passed down over the centuries by generations of monks.

The meditation technique is called VIPASSANA.

And through the process, this experience – it made me face things within myself, see things and realize patterns and habits in my minds and life, that I could NOT have learned any other way.

And for that I’m so very grateful.

Even though it was hard, I’m glad I faced it.

“You can do this. You got this!”

That’s what I told myself on the days I wished it would be over already.

Or when for a moment, I allowed myself to question if I really could…

“You can do this Jacqueline. You’ve gotten through much hard things in your life.

Keep going. Just one more day”

And guess what.

I did it!

And it transformed me in ways I can’t describe.

So know this:

Whatever you are facing in your life…

“You can do this. You got this!”

Whatever you believe – you will achieve.

Keep going forward my friend.