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Diving Deep With Dolphins

Mozambique! What a special place.

I spent almost 2 weeks there, living in a tent just off the beach with my feet spending their time in flip flops and the sand.

I spent every single day with the most amazing group of women who had all gathered for a special spiritual retreat.

Our days were spent in the ocean, swimming with dolphins and other underwater creatures, and when we were in the ocean we were enjoying workshops, meditation and breathwork sessions, sound journey’s AND beautiful dance classes.

I was in heaven.

Though to be honest, there were some days that weren’t so heaven-like.

But if I’ve learned anything in my time so far on earth, it’s that I learn the MOST from the times that aren’t heaven-like.

Here are some pictures and posts of the special time I had there.


Mozambique 2015. Cherishing nature, our bodies, human connection and celebrating life.

Posted by Jacqueline Du Plessis on Saturday, November 14, 2015


I spent time in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay on the east coast of South Africa and met the most amazing people and had an amazing time and after driving over 320 miles in a day to get back to Cape Town, I got invited to go to MOZAMBIQUE!

So within a few days I had a flight booked to Durban, South Africa and I was on a bus that same day to the South African – Mozambique border (see the intense border security here ;)).

One in Mozambique, I spent the most amazing time with a group of the most wonderful women on retreat where amongst other things we had several opportunities to swim with wild dolphins.



And here is a video of our breach landings.