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Dare to Dream – I did & why you should too!

When I was a kid I used to dream of traveling the world.
I’ve discovered in talking to hundreds of people, that this isn’t an uncommon dream for most people, but the difference is – I’ve done it.

It’s been 12 years since my first first international trip and since then I’ve been to over a dozen countries, many cities and been on what might possibly be close to 100 flights (I’d need to sit down and count for a while to figure that one out). You might think “Oh that’s nice for you Jacqueline but I don’t have theĀ  _____________ or the __________ (fill in the blank) to travel.”But you see these are just excuses [please don’t kill the messenger yet].My mentor, Ramit Sethi, calls these excuses – invisible scripts.

And he taught me that there are things that I believe and think right now that are controlling my life.

And guess what?

They are things that you believe or tell yourself, that are keeping you from the things you want the most.

You have invisible scripts too!

Now, travel may not be your thing.

That’s cool.

This is not about travel, this is about your dreams, and I’m just using my story of travel to show you something, and hopefully to help you perhaps uncover some of your invisible scripts and see the power of DREAMS!


All the places I’ve been so far! Updated: May 2014

To illustrate this I will need to tell you a personal story.

Lesson 1: You don’t need a million dollars

I was the oldest of 4 kids and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.

Middle class family, awesome parents and good lifestyle, but there was no money for “extras” we got a new pair of jeans and shoes once a year and for our birthday we got the equivalent of $10 every year.

I had a good childhood, but I share this to show I wasn’t a rich kid and I had no trust fund or wealthy grandparents either.

Lesson 2: Law off Attraction is real IF you not only visualize, but imagine and FEEL


As a teenager, I used to lie in bed at night and imagine what it would be like to visit new countries and places. Travel was one of my biggest dreams and goals. I wrote down in my journal one night that I would visit EVERY continent.

I used to wonder what Disneyland was like (as any child) and imagine having dinner with my music idols like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey (I was a teenager in the 90’s ok ;))

My brother and I watched American TV shows and movies, and sometimes we would pretend to have American accents, “Yeah, how YOU doing!”

“When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”

Being a teen of the 90’s I was free from the distractions of laptops, smart phones and wifi internet that plague (constantly distract) us currently, and my parents also enforced a “bed time” so I had to turn off my light around 9pm.

I didn’t always like that but we could read if we weren’t tired, or sometimes I just lay in bed – which looking back was awesome time for imagining, visualizing and dreaming before falling asleep at night (I found out later the best time to suggest things to our subconscious mind).

At some stage (around the age of 13 or so) I ‘d stuck dozens of glow in the dark stars onto my bedroom ceiling. And I even stuck some on my ceiling fan so that if it was on at night, when I turned out the light there was this cool glow in the dark circular vortext-thingy going on with speckled stars all above my head as I lay in bed at night.

Sometimes I’d stare at them for minutes, other times for hours and my imagination would wonder off to far off places and I’d fall asleep with those dreams.

Lesson 3: You don’t need to know HOW


At that time, I thought I needed to be an air hostess, or an airline pilot to fulfill my dreams of travel.

I still remember choosing to take Geography class for that very reason (giving up History class – even though I liked it more) and studying really hard, cause I wanted to get great grades so I could perhaps become a pilot someday and travel all over the globe.

The funny thing looking back on those days is that I didn’t need to be a pilot to travel the world.And that while studying hard in school helped me to get into college in the United States (which was the beginning of my trips abroad) it really wasn’t that that allowed me to travel. Rather there was something magical in those moments before bed. Those stars were a trigger for me to imagine, to feel and to dream.

And it worked.


So the challenge her to you is this:

Think about the things that you would you LOVE to do.

What have you wanted to do for as long as you can remember???

Write it down…

Perhaps you want to:

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Speak another language
  • Take a trip across Europe, Africa, or the USA
  • Run a half marathon
  • Get a specific job
  • Become certified in something
  • Go to a specific concert or event

What do you dream about? And if you haven’t done it yet, why not?


Can you see your own invisible scripts?

Take a minute to think about it…

Can you hear your own “not enough” dialogues in your mind. Thinking you don’t have enough time, money or energy or whatever other excuses come to mind.

Write them down too.

Are you willing to share one of your dreams, or even some of your invisible scripts?

Leave a comment here and tell us!

This public sharing, and openness can be vulnerable, but it’s the first step to over coming these and finding your way to your dreams!!

PS: You’re a rockstar, your dreams are in reach!