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Marie Forleo gave me a Scholarship to Bschool

I won!!!

After a series of very fortunate events, I won!

Marie & her team have generously given me a scholarship to B-school!!!



I had been “stalking” Marie’s website, and I’ve been following her on social media and reading all her emails.

So where I heard about Bschool, I was SUPER excited.

And needless to say where I heard there was a scholarship to be won: I knew I had to go for it!

And I did.

And my video was chosen. And it was one of the best days ever when I found out!

See the official announcement here: Bschool Scholarship Winners

Watch the video and entry that led to this amazing prize:


Note: The quality of the video wasn’t the best as we filmed at sunset, and it got dark quite quickly in Hawaii.

If you wanna know more about B-School and even try YOUR hand at winning a scholarship, visit the B-School website and enter your deets + get some kick-ass FREE business training!