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This is true success…

It’s been a BUSY month!

I left my favorite place in Phuket, Thailand, stopped in Singapore in my favorite airport in the world before heading into Perth Australia to meet my new nephew (he’s so cute!)

And then I flew home to South Africa (but not before having a nerve wrecking expereince before leaving the Perth International airport… a story for another day though).

So I’ve been back in Cape Town for a few week, and I’m happy to report I’ve successfully skipped yet ANOTHER winter! ha, the beauty of being able to switch hemispheres and avert being COLD!

I’ve been busy writing and creating cool projects with I will be sharing more in the coming weeks and months, but today I wanted to share something that is really personal.

It’s almost been a year since my dear fried, Adam passed away.

I’ve been sensing the anniversary approaching and I decided to share his story more.
Next week, I will share my thoughts about what I’ve learned since learning of his passing  a year ago and how it’s impacted my life. But today, I wanted to share some of Adam’s wisdom with you… The following was an exercpt from a letter to a friend during his senior year of High School:
“Something I’ve learned as I’ve experienced such a wide variety in life through the things I’ve done, places I’ve been and people I’ve known is that so very little is actually about me. What is really important is not how much or what we are able to accomplish for ourselves in life, although that is a very common taught theme.
True success, true power, true happiness is all determined by what we can contribute to the world and how well we can help others.”
~ Adam Christiansen

Adam was wise beyond his years.

And I’ll leave you with his words to think about this week.

With love from Cape Town,

PS: I wrote a poem the day I heard Adam left us: Read it here >>>


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